Automate xinje XC3-32T-E

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Description : Automate xinje XC3-32T-E,  pas cher au Maroc

Référence : XC3-32T-E                      |                    Fabricant : xinje

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XC3 series standard PLC, including 14, 24, 32, 42, 48, 60 point specifications.
    Complete functions, can meet the various needs of users
    Input Type: NPN or PNP
    Output type: transistor (T), relay (R), transistor-relay hybrid (RT, the first two are T)
    Power supply specifications: AC220V, DC24V
    Support high-speed counting (up to 80KHz), 2 high-speed pulse outputs (up to 100KHz), communication and other special functions
    Standard RS232 port for programming download
    Standard RS485 port (14 points is optional), used for various communications
    Support external expansion module (except 14 points), support external expansion BD board (except 14, 42 points)

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